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Gas fired electricity generation is essential to reliable electricity doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 supply, it responds quickly and efficiently, is able to respond to short term peak electricity demands, like those that have been experienced recently across the east coast of Australia. Also, it is fast to build and can be developed at a relatively low capital cost compared with alternatives, especially options such as the clean coal strategies that have been widely talked about presently. Integrated pipeline infrastructure such as APA's east coast grid provides both security and flexibility in terms of sourcing and using gas and in particular supports gas powered generation to enhance electricity supply security. An integrated infrastructure will facilitate access to new sources of gas developed by small as well as large producers. Infrastructure development is integral to nation building and energy infrastructure is critical to provide essential access to reliable, secure and affordable supplies as Australia moves towards a cleaner energy future. We're now looking at slide 20 which I continue to find to be very interesting. I've always been of the view that gas and renewable energy discussions go hand in hand, with gas being a key transition fuel to take us to a cleaner energy future. So, it is appropriate that APA looks at the long term future of both of these markets. Firstly, gas. With all three east coast LNG plants now up and running demand for gas has increased and will potentially outstrip supply at some point if new reserves are not developed or aren't allowed to be developed. The top right graph is showing an AEMO of east coast gas demand and their production forecast is shown on the chart below that.